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SCA Barista Foundation Feb 19th, 2023

Regular price 120.000 KD

Exam + Certification Included 

Class Timing:

Feb 19th, 2023

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Limited Seats Available! 


Designed to introduce core barista skills to people with no previous barista experience. Successful candidates should be able to calibrate their grinders and make an espresso and cappuccino to core standards.

The Foundation level provides a first taste of a specific coffee discipline and is a great way to get insight into a module to help you decide if you want to go on to learn more.

The Foundation level requires no previous experience. Courses at this level usually take 1 day.


المستوى التأسیسي

صمم ھذا المستوى لیكون مدخ ًلا للمھارات الأساسیة للباریستا لمن لا یملكون أي خبرة باریستا سابقة، فسیتمكن المتدربون الناجحون من معایرة طواحینھم وتحضیرالإسبریسو والكباتشینو مماث ًلا للمعاییر





Mohammad AlHasan

“I was never into coffee. Watching my dad brew each cup of Turkish Ibrik  intrigued me. Guests always asked for coffee to be prepared specifically by him, and that sparked my curiosity. One day I asked him to brew me a cup and to my surprise I really enjoyed it! Around that time I was looking into starting my own business, and was searching for an inspiration. I insisted on finding something I would be passionate about. Discovering my passion in life was my biggest challenge. Five years later,  I can proudly say I achieved that dream. I am very fortunate to have fallen in love with Coffee and the whole process behind it. I admire the attention to details it requires, and the amount of love it needs just to reach your cup.”


 ‘Q’ Arabica Grader  

SCA Coffee Diploma

Authorized SCA Trainer 


Terms and Conditions:
Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering for any SCA Course with Caffeine. By submitting payment and/or by attending any SCA Courses class with Caffeine or workshop you are agreeing that you (a) have fully reviewed the Terms and Conditions more than 14 days prior to the course start date and (b) completely agree to the Terms and Conditions.
If you do not accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions, you must NOT register for any SCA Courses with Caffeine workshops or classes or seek consulting from Caffeine of any kind.
1. Payment:
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2. Refund Policy:
Caffeine does not provide refund or reimbursement if you, a person you registered, or anyone in your party is unable to attend or does not want to attend the class or workshop you/they are registered for. Absolutely no Exceptions.
If you, a person you registered, or anyone in your party is unable to attend your class,you must contact Caffeine and withdraw no less than 7 business days before your class is scheduled to begin.At that time you may either reschedule for future class date,or place the class registration(s) on hold for up to 6 months from the original class date.You may only reschedule your class One time. If you do not attend the rescheduled class, the class registration is forfeited, and no refund is provided.In case if you want to cancel the course and fail to inform us within 15 days before as per scheduled period of course, then 30% deduction from total payment is applicable. 
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