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Brothers, Ali and Mohammad have always had a love affair with Mubarkia in Souq El Kuwait.  Mubarkia is a unique national gem where you feel the roots and culture of Kuwait.  There is nothing quite like it.    In September 2014, Ali walked into South of Mubarkia, SOMU, with a friend for the very first time through a side alley where the whole wall, several stories high, was a canvas to a beautiful and very simple painting with the captions “I love you Kuwait” in red.  In Ali’s words “It took my breath away.  It reminded me of the French Alley in San Francisco” Ali shared his enthusiasm of his new finding with Mohammad and a couple of days later they visited SOMU together.  Mohammad was equally smitten and was in love at first sight.  “It took me out of Kuwait for a second,” he said.   At this point there were only three shops open in SOMU and a few others under construction.  As the two brothers walked around the area, Ali said “You know, maybe we should get a place here in a few months.”  Mohammad replied: “A few months? why not get a place now?”.  A week later they put a deposit on a store, and within a month they signed the lease, but not having a clue what kind of business they would start.. After many sessions of brainstorming, Ali and Mohammad arrived at the concept for their new business. Mohammad recalled their favorite cafe in San Francisco, "Blue Bottle Coffee", which is also a specialty coffee store.  That is when they decided to go into the specialty coffee business. The idea of Caffeine was therefore born.

Even though the concept of specialty coffee is a western idea, the aim of Caffeine is to create an environment infused with eastern Kuwaiti culture and provide its customers with high quality specialty coffee, homemade desserts, and all day tapas. Caffeine offers its customers a unique experience as one of its strategies is to always have Kuwaiti members on the staff serving our customers.  We would like to keep this tradition even when future branches open in other unique places in Kuwait by hiring local staff. The interior design of caffeine is also influenced with Kuwaiti touches.  A variety of beverages are made with local flavors.  Even the names of our menu items and drinks sizes are influenced by old Kuwaiti language. Quality is one of the most important aspect of Caffeine.  It is not only about coffee; it is the whole experience.


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