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Ethiopia Masina (natural) أثيوبيا ماسينا

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Process: Natural

Altitude: 1950 - 2300 masl

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Orange Blossom


In the Masina Kebele in the Adola Woreda lies a washing station that sits at the heart
of Project Origin. Built in 2017 as a joint project with our great local export partners,
Primrose, the Guji Masina washing station was the site where our very first Ethiopian
Carbonic Maceration processed coffees were produced. We learnt a vast amount
from the experience of trying and refining the CM process at this station.

Nearby the washing station lies a river, that locals in the community wade through
to reach the town and the school. Project Origin have teamed up with Primrose
once again to fund the construction of a bridge over this beautiful river, hoping that
this improvement in infrastructure will help the community in their daily travels and
needs rather than taking the 1-2 hour walk around to the nearest crossing.

The coffees from this woreda are already world-known, feeding into the romanticism
of Ethiopian coffees, and when the 2018 World Barista Championship is won utilising
a coffee from this station, it becomes impossible not to include this washing station in
your collection.
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