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Ethiopia Konga (natural) أثيوبيا كونقا

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Process: Natural

Altitude: 1950 - 2300 masl

Notes: Blueberries, White Chocolate, Molasses


Coffees grow in small farmers' backyards in the Yirgacheffe region. The coffees are known as “Garden coffee” and they are harvested from December to February. Once lots get combined on washing stations, coffee is de-pulped and dry fermented. After rinsing the last bit of mucilage, coffee gets dried on African beds for 10-15 days. Primrose do further quality control, as a minimum, a triple-pass through a colour sorter & a triple-pass through hand-sorting tables.

Built next to a school near the town of Wete, this washing station is a great example of a win/win scenario for speciality coffee production and supporting the local community. When Meseret and Abraham were looking for the site of a new washing station, they chose this spot so that the station could have easy access to electricity (no mean feat in parts of rural Ethiopia). This means that the station can continue processing coffee after sunset, a task often made very difficult at other washing stations.

The proximity to the school has led Primrose and Project Origin to work closely with the teachers and staff to provide the support they need to educate local kids. As a result, we can improve both quality of coffee and quality of life. That’s what specialty coffee should be all about.

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